With the Indian market opening up to technological invasions, there is a growing need to design and cater to facilities with special needs.  The facilities designed must complement the desired systems infrastructure. The design must give due consideration to the need, function and longevity of the space.

Harish kumar established ATEDGE’ in the year 2004.  He has an exposure to various projects, working conditions and expectations.  His experience of four years includes the areas of Office Planning, Residential Buildings, Laboratories, Banking, Retail Store Planning, Recreational, Healthcare, Public Housing, and Corporate Offices.

He was involved from the conception phase – strategic planning, market analysis, real estate dealings, etc. to the execution phase – schematic, design development, contract documents, bidding and negotiation to construction administration.

‘ATEDGE’ focus is to provide comprehensive, continuous professional services to clients in the areas of architecture, interior design, graphic display systems for the interiors and project management.  We transform the strategic, functional, operational needs of the client from imagination to paper to building blocks.  We at Expanse Design Solutions have assembled the expertise necessary to respond to the unique requirements of this market.  ATEDGE believes that a project is not complete at the design stage.  It is the paper to building blocks phase, which ensures that the client gets what he needs and needs what he gets!

We believe that to succeed in the professional services business ‘ATEDGE’ must deliver the highest quality of service and products at a cost that demonstrates “Value for Money” to our clients.  We understand that a commitment to service quality is not enough; we must embrace the responsibility for the project budget and schedule.

Project Approach
ATEDGE implements an interactive “Generic to Specific” project delivery process that unites creative vision with project specific details – transforming imagination to feasible reality.  Project delivery process begins with the macro understanding of the client’s strategic, financial and operational criteria.  The project team uses this information to govern all planning, design and construction decisions.

The first step in the process is to develop a space program that is formulated by specific functional and utilization needs rather than from a “Wish List” of perceived needs.  Programming process starts with visual and physical assessment of the interior or exterior site.   Upon completion of a Master Plan shall be evolved.  Space program addressing client’s needs shall be developed and evaluated against the client’s strategic, financial and operational criteria.  Self and group critiquing shall follow for do’s and don’ts to avoid pitfalls.   The planning process goes graphic with the creation of multiple conceptual design scenarios.  Our process is evolutionary in the sense that we present the client with diverse solutions.  Each scenario is evaluated for pros and cons during an interactive session with the client/s and professionals from other trades, which encourages us to think outside the box.  This helps to generate a consensus in the development of a final planning and design concept before presenting to the client.  Due consideration is given to the structural, mechanical and electrical systems, security and fire/smoke hazards, and last but not the least technological advancement.

The next step in the process is the execution.  We ensure project success by being a good team player in a team comprising of experts from other trades with hands on experience to transform the design to a reality.

Scope of Services

The efficiency of the operational process has a direct effect on our ability to produce high-quality, cost effective service.  ‘ATEDGE’ believe that the scope of services we offer assist clients by making their facilities a responsive and important component in an effort to improve the quality and cost performance of services.  This will come in the form of refurbishing, redesigning, renovation and/or new construction.

Facilities development projects involve professionals from various trades. ATEDGE combines these professionals into a team that is able to cater to the unique needs of its clients with a single voice and goal.The following presents ‘ATEDGE’ comprehensive list of scope of services:

  • Interior Design/Engineering
  • Architecture/Engineering
  • Landscape Design
  • Project Management
  • Construction Services

Educational Experience
Bachelor of Architecture (Architecture), College of Architecture, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

Professional Experience

  • Chief Architect – ATEDGE, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh; 2004 onwards
  • Junior Architect – Hue Designers Private Limited, Erramanzil Colony, Hyderabad; 2000 – 2002
  • Project architect – Contemporary Architects , Noida, New Delhi 2002- 2003